Tuesday 5 June 2012

Demo Card to Give Away

Hi Bloggers.

There was no draw for this card in the first show last Saturday. I messed up cutting the borders a bit so this card is destined for recycling unless someone wants it. If you'd like it please become a follower (if not already) and leave a comment below. Let's make things a bit more interesting - we all have our favourite Spellbinder dies so I'd like you to tell me what yours is on your comment. And, because it hard to name just one, you can tell me your top 3.

I look forward to finding out what your faves are. I'll draw a name on Friday at 7pm.

Here's the card (hides embarrassment!)

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Hi Julia, found your blog through Sue Wilson's. I'd vove a chance to win this card so here goes. My 3 favourite spellbinder dies are.
    1. Lace Doily
    2. Fleur de lis squares
    3. Lacy Circles
    Linda x

  2. Hi Julia thanks for letting the cat out of the bag yesterday regarding Sue' birthday she seemed surprised at all the birthday wishes after I posed on her blog. My favourite dies, that's difficult, I love them all, but here goes
    Persian (accents and motifs)
    Aster flower - very well used
    Lacy circles - very versatile

  3. Hi Julia. Lovely card.
    So today my favourite spellbinders are:

    1. Layered flowers -seem to use them on my cards all the time,
    2. Daisy Flower Topper - I made red, white and blue felt badges for my work friends last week, and
    3. Damask Accents - just beautiful.

    Of course, tomorrow my favourites are likely to be different........Ju

  4. It's probably my eyes, but I can't see anything wrong with this card at all....it's lovely, and I wouldn't mind giving it a home....thanks.
    My fave dies at the moment are Sue's lattice ones, the aster flowers and layered flowers,however I've only just bought them so haven't had chance to do much with them yet.

    Take care
    Carolyn B

  5. Hi Julia i will have to get better glasses because i can't see nothing wrong with it . If the card needs a home i can do that .
    You just keep the demos coming girl your doing great

  6. Morning Julia, love how Sue thought she'd got away with a sneaky birthday, but you let the cat out of the bag lol. well done. Can't see a problem with your card but we are all so critical of our own makes i know. my favourite dies mmmm tough one that is
    my favourite dies i own are
    1. persian accents and motifs
    2. blossoms 1,2,3
    3. fancy tags 2

    my favourite wish list dies
    1. grand dahlia
    2. jewelled feathers (Dont think this name is correct)
    3. jewelled keys
    xx hazel

  7. Hi Julia - the card is lovely and when I saw the demo couldn'tn see the error but know what you mean if you know something isn't right it is very frustrating. l love how the dies can be used for flowers too and will try with my persian accents border.
    my current favourite dies are:
    1. holly motifs/accents
    2. persian accents
    3. labels 4

    My wish list is:
    1. carnival cut,tuck and fold
    2. anemone
    3. moroccan accents/motifs

  8. Lovely card, I don't think you can notice the mistake. I haven't got many spellbinder sets but my favourites of the ones I have are;
    1. Moroccan motifs
    2. Layered flowers
    3. Postage stamp dies

    Clare x

  9. Hi Julia, I had to look really close to see what you were referring to, and I still love the card. My fave dies are

    1. Persian Accents and motifs
    2. Jewelled fantasy
    3. Ribbon buckles


  10. Morning Julia, well done for letting the cat out of the bag yesterday and allowing us to surprise Sue! Saw you demo this card on C&C and thought if I could do a card like that I would be well chuffed, to have it on my mantle piece would make my day. You can't see what's wrong with it at all. Oooo you have given us a tough one, there are so many dies that I love but my current favourites are:

    1. Labels 4
    2. Moroccan Motifs/Accents
    3. Carnival Dreams

    My wish list:
    All the dies I haven't got.

    Hugs Christine H x

  11. Hi Julia, You would have gotten away with your borders if you said they were not meant to be symetrical but I know what you mean. my fave dies.
    Nancyd x

    1.floral ovals
    2. aster flower topper
    3. dec oval window (Know this is heartfelt creations but I love it)

  12. Lovely card Julia and I think the borders look fine, I can see they dont match exactly but it doesnt take anything away from the card

    Now my favourite 3 dies, thats a hard one but I think they are

    The Foliage dies
    Labels 25
    Twisted metal tags and accents

    That was hard to choose

    Sue xxx

  13. Hi Julia - also found your blog via Sue Wilsons! I love this card and had to read the previous blog comments to find out what was amiss!! (Nothing is ever wrong!!!!!!) I think it is so pretty and you have made my favourite flower of all - just love the felt. How clever.

    My favourite dies are -

    1. Romantic rectangles
    2. Lattice motifs/accents
    3. Twisted metal tags/accents

    However that could change tomorrow - I love them all really. I have 12 A5 binders, each with 20 folders full of dies. When I get a new set I cut them out and file them in a shoebox - I can then see which die suits my card best. Then I just have to cut the one I want. I catalogue them all! Wow I do sound a tad obsessive don't I.

    Hugs Sue P xx

  14. Hi Julia, also found your blog via Sue's. I saw you do this card on C&C and was pleased to see that i wasn't the only one to make mistakes like this!!!! However if you hadn't said we would all thing it was meant to be that way and not matched up.
    My 3 fav die set at mo are:
    Picot Circles (seem to always be using them!)
    Aster flowers
    Best wishes

  15. Hi Julia, the card looks stunning and cannot see anything wrong with it at all.

    My current top 3, in no particular order, are:
    Floral Ovals
    Labels 23
    Lattice motifs/accents

    Reading others posts I have a long way to go to get so many dies. I had a few for some time but only recently starting getting the bug to actually use over the last month since watching you on Create & Craft and seeing how versatile they are. You gave me so much inspiration.

    Thinking of taking tips from Planetsusie, love what she does about cutting each one so can see at a glance..... thanks for that!

    Would love a chance to win this card

    Tracie xx

  16. Hi Julia,
    Great card and love the colours.

    I don't have that many die sets at the mo so the ones that I use most are
    Moroccan motifs and accents
    Deckled ovals
    Wonderful wings

    These are uaually incorparated some where on a card. I have so many dies on my wish list but need to win a huge amount of money first!
    Have a great day
    Caz x

  17. Hi Julia,

    Nothing wrong with this card!! My three favourites, at the moment are Anemone, Foliage and Lattice Rectangles, best wishes Jackie D

  18. hi Julia we dont want perfect iove this card i have i tryed something similar .
    Thanks jayne

  19. Hi Julia, I thought the borders were meant to be like that to give added interest! You shouldn't have said anything on CR&CR then we wouldn't have known! I LOVE this card, and it would take pride of place on my bedroom wall (I am disabled so do most of my card making in bed, including cutting out with GC!!) My fave dies of the ones I've got are:
    1)Lattice rectangles (Cos I like to thread ribbon all the way round them.)
    2)Anemone flower topper
    3)Twisted Metal Tags and Accents.

    My wish list is ALL the ones I don't have, but the fave ones of those is
    1) Persian accents & motifs ( Classes as one cos can't have one without the other..lol)
    2) Splendid Circles &
    3) Moroccan accents & motif dies.
    Have a great day...xxx

  20. Love the card Julia, really pretty

  21. Hi Julia well had my eyes tested and all was ok some there is nothing wrong with your card. ok my fav spellbinders thats a hard one i got 49 of them.

  22. hi julia, if you hadn't said you'd made a mistake I would never have known. Lovely card!! and I love the colours you have chosen! My fave dies are:
    1. Foliage
    2. Butterfly circle - love using the cut buttreflies!
    3. Any of the flower dies
    Thank you for the time you take to write this blog and sharing your ideas. Beba

  23. Hi Julia

    This card looks ok to me,in fact I would love to own it! So hard to say what my favourite dies are, I have over 100 sets so far. I think my top 3 would be: Sue's lattice dies, Foilage and Persian Accents. Love Jean x

  24. Hi Julia, I would love to win this card, it is beautiful. I can't see where you 'messed up'. 'Should have gone to Specsavers haha'. To be honest I have quite a lot of Spellbinders dies, absolutely love them, the ones that I love the most are all the ones that I already own, my next favourites will be the next dies to come out, so you see it is impossible to pick a Top 3, I love them all equally haha. Lots of Love Patricia Howarth xx

  25. Hi Julia have been away for a few days visiting my sister so unfortunately missed your shows and I'm just catching up with yours and Sue's blogs so hope I haven't missed my chance to win the card. I can see where it's different from the original but think it looks just as good.Trying to decide on my favourite dies is SO difficult as I have so many and love them all but here's my choice: -
    1= Persian motifs and accents (is a definate)
    2= Labels 20 (or is it splendid circles)(this is so hard)
    3= fancy tags 2 and bitty blossoms (can't decide between them)

  26. Would love to win your card Ihave so many dies it would be hard to choose they are all good in the way


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