Sunday 30 March 2014


Hi Bloggers.

I am hoping that my cold is on its way out now though the hacking cough interferring with my sleep is still a pain.

Here's today's card -

So, for the background, I popped my tan mat onto my base plate. I dusted a piece of Milk Card with my anti static bag and placed it dusted side up on my tan mat. I inked up the Counterpane Mask with Perfect Medium and placed it inked side down on top of the dusted card. I added the pink embossing plate and ran it through the Grand Calibur. The ink transferred to the debossed pattern. I added Cosmic Shimmer Gold Detail Embossing Powder tapped off the excess and heat set.

I stamped the Mosaic Butterfly using Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue. Once the glue had gone clear I added Cosmic Shimmer Mulled Wine Gilding Flakes. I cut it out using Spellbinders Decorative Labels One and inked through the die with Antique Linen.

I tied a bow using 2 lengths of Champagne Silky Crush Ribbon and added a Fancy Pearl Embellishment.

 I assembled the card as shown addin a Cream 8mm Pearl to each corner, a piece of a Pearl Swirl flowing from the butterfly and some dots of Cosmic Shimmer Ivory Pastel PVA around the edges.

The lovely Sam Poole is on Create & Craft today at 12noon for 2 hours and again at 5pm. Hope you can join her.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Morning Julia, glad to hear your cold is getting better but nothing worse than a hacking cough! Lovely card today, do love the butterfly stamp. Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day. Love Jean xx

  2. Morning Julia. So sorry to hear you have a nasty cough. Take it easy today have a happy Mothers day . The card is beautiful or Butterful.Kitty

  3. Hi Julia love butterflies and the card is lovely. Happy Mother's day to all and I hope the hacking cough soon clears up x

  4. Good morning Julia I love the card. I must try that technique corvette background. I'm sorry you still have a cough they can be so annoying hopefully it will pass soon. Have a great day. Love Jackie

  5. Hi Julia. I love your card today. The butterfly is beautiful and I must try the background technique. Have a great Mothers Day and I hope the cough gets better soon, there is nothing more annoying is there, bless you. Take care.

  6. Morning Julia, Happy Mothering Sunday to all Mum's out there xx
    I'm so glad your cold is coming to an end, Julia, I can really sympathise with your hacking cough, I had the very same last year at this time, it is awful !! Here's a huge hug, in the hope it helps.
    I am so glad you have reminded us of the 'sandwich' for this technique, I forget in the blink of an eye, it's one of those 'senior' moments, that happens all the time with me haha. I love this card and I really love the mulled wine gilding flakes.
    I will be recording Sam's first shows today, I really love her demo's, as I'm at Church then I'm really excited because I am going to see Dancing on Ice Final Tour in Manchester, I am beside myself with excitement !!.
    Have a lovely day everyone.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Hi Julia,
    Sorry you are still not over the symptoms-take care.
    Love your card!

  8. Lovely card Julia I must get the stamp got some money in one of my cards so my wish list will be a little smaller.sorry you have a nasty cough it's awful at night a big hug from me to help you get well thank you for sharing love June

  9. Morning Julia,
    Sorry to hear you have a hacking cough, dose your self up with Buttercup cough syrup, did the trick for me.
    Very pretty card, love the butterfly.
    Take care of yourself.

  10. Morning Julia
    Lovely card Julia, I too have money and flowers for Mothering Sunday so will be looking at your products.
    Sorry you are still coughing, our chemist made us up a concoction which did the trick
    Hugs to help you get well
    Carol x

  11. Gorgeous card Julia, do love this technique, hope you soon get rid of your cough they are a pain

  12. Hi Julia
    I always forget the sandwich when using a mask. I love the new gilding flakes, especially the mulled wine. Sorry to hear that you have a hacking cough, nothing worse that that at night time. Happy mothers day to all the mums.

  13. Morning Julia
    Stunning I love this background it is so effective and when you know how the mystery disappears.
    Try Covornia Bronchal Balsam works a treat and tastes nice.
    Amanda x

  14. Gorgeous Really must try the embossing technique again - 1st attempt was a bit of a disaster

  15. Hello Julia, a stunning and opulent card, love the butterfly. Happy Mother's Day, hope the cough eases soon. Bx

  16. Hi Julia, your the tops for backgrounds so beautiful and the card is lovely, Happy Mothers Day to you and all the ladies on the blog. love Jean Z xxxx

  17. Happy Mother's day to all. Love the card especially the mask and the butterfly. Hope you get rid of your cough soon. Try buttercup syrup.
    How you have a wale of a time tonight Patricia!

  18. Morning Julia,A WOW of a card today!! Thank you for reminding me of the sandwich for the mask and embossing. Love the mulled wine gliding flakes too.
    Take care hoping the cough goes soon after all the remedies given I hope something works for you.
    Happy Mother's Day everyone - enjoy your day.
    Sheila x

  19. Wow what a fab card, love it! Hope you lose that hacking cough asap. Happy Mothering Sunday everyone a day to remember all those who look out for us and care for us on this special day even though they may not be our 'real' mothers xx

  20. Love todays card all that gold and gilding flakes are very opulent.Hope the cough goes soon it's so annoying when it stops you getting your sleep.

  21. Morning Julia. A beautiful card and the butterfly is gorgeous have set to record
    Sams shows as the family will be over and I never know what time so just in case.
    Happy Mothers Day to everyone.
    Nancyd xx

  22. Lovely card, happy mothering sunday xx hazel

  23. Stunning! I hope you are better soon! Am watching and recording Sam's show, it's awesome! xx

  24. This is stunning Julia, so love the technique and the butterfly is gorgeous, so, so pretty. Love it.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  25. Hello Julia, A rich opulent card today, love the background and the butterfly is gorgeous. Hope that your cough gets better, it is so annoying to have broken sleep. Happy Mothering Sunday, have a lovely day everyone.
    Enjoy the ice show Patricia, you lucky lady.
    Take care.
    Hugs June xxx

  26. Hi Julia,
    Had a cough like yours and it's awful - lack of sleep makes me a bit grumpy! I will give you a remedy which I did NOT try ! A friend said - chop a whole clove of garlic into chunks and chew them! Your cough will have gone in the morning! I reckoned that's what is meant by the cure being worse than the disease!
    Julia todays card is beautiful and a big thank you for reminding us of the sandwich required!
    Happy Mothering Sunday to you and all fellow crafters.
    Patricia have a lovely time!
    Love Myra

  27. Beautiful card. I forgot Sam was on at 12 - 2pm today will go and press the record button for the 5pm show. Helen

  28. Fabulous background Julia and the butterfly is just stunning. I really love the colour of those gilding flakes, they're really rich looking. Pat x

  29. Beautiful card today Julia. Thank you. I've tried using the masks for debossing with inks but not embossing powders-will give it a go.
    Sorry about your cough. I agree with the Covonia comment-can't beat it!

  30. Hi Julia
    Glad to hear your cold is getting better, I love this beautiful card, the gilded butterfly looks stunning.
    Have a lovely Mothers Day

    Love Eileen L.


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