Monday 29 October 2012

PC Update

Hi Bloggers.

Still no laptop - I'm typing this on Kathryn's MAC in Portsmouth. PC World are having trouble with my email account. Hoping I will get it back lunchtime Monday.

Kathryn & I have had a lovely day just doing what girlies do - lunch and shopping!

Will hopefully be back tomorrow with a card - don't forget to stop by!

All for now.



  1. Good morning Julia,
    I hope you had a wonderful visit with your daughter... Good luck with your computer. Cheers

  2. Good morning Julia glad you are enjoying your time with your daughter, hope the PC is fixed. Caroline xxx

  3. HI Julia, glad you were enjoying some time with your daughter, hope your laptop is fixed soon, we're lost without these things nowadays aren't we? Carole Z XX

  4. Morning Julia, Poor computer, still not well, I hope it feels better soon. These things are absolutely brilliant, until they go wrong, it's only then that we realise just how much we rely on them.
    I hope you had a good time with Kathryn, 'lunch and shopping' sounds good to me.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Hi Julia. Enjou your day with your daughter.

    Val in Spain xxx

  6. Will look in again in the morning,enjoy your time with your daughter

  7. Hi Julia,
    Sounds good to me having quality time with your daughter. X

  8. Hi Julia,
    Enjoy your time with Kathryn, these modern gadgets are fine until they go wrong then its a pain to get them sorted. Hope its not too expensive to put right.

  9. Morning Julia, Hope you have a nice time with Kathryn and she is enjoyng college. Nancy d xx

  10. Hello Julia, Hope your laptop is better soon, great when they are working but a pain when they go wrong.
    Enjoy some quality time with Kathryn and have fun.
    Have a great day everyone.
    Hugs June xxx

  11. Hi Julia, well you will just have to have more shopping today - so long as it doesn't ultimately involve buying a new laptop! Have a good day, regards Jackie D

  12. Hi julia hope your laptop gets fixed soon, until then you will just have to do more shopping and lunch with your daughter!! Its a hard life but I'm sure you'll find something to love lesley xx

  13. Oooh Julia I feel as though my right arm is missing without my puter or the internet. Hope its fixed soon and doesnt cost too much

    Sue xxx

  14. Hi Julia lets hope that you do get it back this afternoon all done and working. xx hazel

  15. hope your laptop is fixed soon look forward to your next cards .Laura O

  16. just think when you get laptop you will be able to put all the cards on at the same time
    keep crafting
    sue xx

  17. Hi Julia. Sorry your still experiencing computer problems. I've only ever owned Macs since I left school and can't imagine being without mine. I never have problems except needing the odd upgrade due to my software for my graphics (I'm a graphic designer and a crafter!) needing a more advanced processor. I'm after an iPad now as well as will help me in my business. I just can't afford those kind of luxuries since giving up my full time graphic design job to have my kids. That's why I work for myself now, but only make enough to pay bills whilst they are so young. I work at night so I can look after them all day! My youngest will start nursery in April once she's 3.
    I'll be able to work more in mornings then, as I prefer to spend as much time as I can doing things with them whilst they are so small. They grow up so fast... Look forward to a new card when you can post one :-) Claire xxx


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