Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Love and Workshop News

Hi Bloggers.

Thank you so much for your emails and comments here on the blog yesterday. I do hope you managed to get some goodies before they sold out. I did warn you!

I thought I'd share this card with you to recap one of the techniques I showed yesterday.

I started by cutting the largest die in the Spellbinders 6 x 6 Matting Basics B Die Set out of Coconut White Card. I then cut the Couture Creations Nostalgia Die out of it 4 times - it took a while but I wanted to see what it would look like as a main background for a slightly larger card.

I put a piece of Creative Expressions Double Sided Self Adhesive Sheet over the front of the card with the 4 apertures. I turned it over and re-set all 4 of the die cuts back in the apertures. I then dusted some Phill Martin Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powders over the adhesive peering through the die cuts - I used Decadent Teal, Decadent Denim, Decadent Grape and Decadent Wine. I removed the excess mica powder using a dry wet wipe. It's very important at this point to seal the back as some excess mica powder may be hiding somewhere and you don't want to contaminate the Glitter Jewels used in the next step. So, I cut the largest die in the Spellbinders 6 x 6 Matting Basics A Die Set and glued my background to it using Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue.

I removed the other backing sheet from the Double Sided Self Adhesive Sheet and had a complete disaster! Bet you didn't think I'd be saying that! Well, I did. I had a piece of copy paper to collect my Glitter Jewels, wasn't concentrating and it got stuck to the self adhesive sheet! On most of the bottom left hand corner actually. Now you know how sticky I keep telling you it is? Well, it really is! I had one hell of a job getting it off and was left with copy paper areas over 1/4 of my background. I could have cried as it had taken me a while to get to this point. But I can tell you it was either try to do something with it to hide it or throw it in the bin and I couldn't face doing it all again!

I added Cosmic Shimmer Diamond Snow Glitter Jewels and had a think about how to hide the mess!

So, that's why there's alot going on in the bottom left hand corner. I tied a bow using 2 lengths of Off White Satin Ribbon and another bow using 3 lengths of the thinner ribbon in the Raisin Satin Ribbon Pack. That went no where near covering it so I cut a couple of leaves out using Sue Wilson's Faux Quilled Leaves Die Set out of Rich Plum Card - nearly there but could still see some copy paper. So, using the waste from the centre of the frame die in the Couture Creations Gulda Die Set (previously cut out of Coconut White Card), I pressed Clear Perfect Medium into it, added Phill Martin Cosmic Shimmer Decadent Teal Embossing Powder and heat set. I added more Perfect Medium, more powder and heat set again. Success - all covered!

To finish off the bow, I cut the flower from the Gulda Frames n Frills Die Set out of Teal Card and added a little Purple Dazzler.

I cut the label style dies in the Couture Creations Two Tags & Flower Pot Die Set out of Coconut White and Rich Plum Card. I cut the Love Everyday Essentials Die out of Coconut White Card. I pressed Clear Perfect Medium into it, added Phill Martin Cosmic Shimmer Decadent Teal Embossing Powder and heat set. I added more Perfect Medium, more powder and heat set again.

I cut the largest die in the Couture Creations Edith & Baby Die Set out of Teal Card and added some 3mm White Pearls along the body.

I assembled the card as shown adding some 8mm White Pearls to the corners and piercing around the edges.

I wanted to let you know about the workshop that John Lockwood is running on the morning of Thursday 28th May. It was John's idea that we both did a workshop on the same day - he called it Tag Team Crafting - so his workshop is 10 till 1 and mine is 1.30 till 4.30. It will be a real fun day - I guarantee it!

Here's John's project -

A reminder of my project -

Please contact Tracey on 01536 481778 during office hours or email her at tracey@creative-expressions.uk.com for more information or to book a place.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Morning Julia, I saw the show yesterday, was amazed how quickly it sold out, I put the stuff in my basket went to check out and had all gone, should have been quicker, yes you did warn me. I also wished I loved nearer so I could attend one of your workshops, perhaps one day, I would love to know how you did the pink card.

    Happy Tuesday everyone, stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Hi Julia, the show was great yesterday and loved how you showed us techniques! etc. The products shown were fabulous, but like June I was too late to buy as well, never mind will know for next time! Take care Linda.

  3. Morning Julia.
    Brilliant show yesterday, great techniques. Same as June and Linda, I think we should have ordered before the show started, just that sometimes the prices come down when the show is on Beautiful cards, Thank you take care Kitty

  4. Saw your show last nights so no chance of me buying anything but thanks for all the wonderful techniques the hour went so quickly xx

  5. Morning Julia,

    Gorgeous card, love the background and yes it is hidden well but the flowers and bow look like they should be there anyway. If you get my drift lol!

    Have a great day

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. Good morning Julia today's card is gorgeous. It looks like it was meant to be the way it is so pretty. Thank you for sharing that things don't always go quite how you expect them to. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  7. Morning Julia, a fabulous card saw it yesterday it really is beautiful, you show was great as always when your with Dean we do get a good laugh.
    Nancyd xx

  8. Lovely card-you would never know it was a "happy accident "!


  9. Good job I clicked checkout quickly and bought the nostalgia die so I can try this card. It's lovely and who would know about your 'accident'!

  10. Hi Julia. Oh, poor you with the stress of the background, but it's turned out absolutely beautiful. I love the colours you have used also. Good show and yes, you did warn us loud and clear. SueL x

  11. Hi Julie, it's a happy accident, makes it unique lol. It's lovely. My list of stuff I've got to get is growing fast, think I need to start next years birthday list and I haven had this years birthday yet.lol. I've only got a few cosmic shimmer colours.
    Just had news that my cousin is having twins today so I will have to get cracking on creating a card (pink card as both are girls) excitement today and lots of pacing the floor for some people. I'll keep calm crafting lol

    Have a great day
    Maggie in Solihull

  12. Good morning Julia, what a beautiful card and in a gorgeous colour combination! It's nice to hear that sometimes these accidents happen to the demonstrators as well.lol .i agree with June I would love to know how to make the pink card as it is so beautiful!!and I can't afford to fly over from Spain to attend the workshops.unfortunatly.Take care Jane B.

  13. I did feel sorry for you when you described what had happened But it's good to know that even the best of us can have disasters! I love how you've rotated the backgrounds Great effect

  14. Good morning Julia, really enjoyed the show yesterday, but I am another one who didn't check out quick enough!! Loving the pink card xx

  15. Morning Julia,
    I really enjoyed your show yesterday, you and Dean make a great team.
    It's good to know you can have disasters too.
    Lovely card.

  16. Lovely cards love the background on top card xx hazel

  17. Lovely card Julia... fantastic show... Unfortunately my wifi went down and while I was on the phone to Sky ...having a hissy fit ....everything sold out...!
    I know you told us...but I was sabotaged. ...!
    Still it was a brill show with the
    dynamic duo .....!
    Luv Rach :)

  18. Loved the shows yesterday I missed out and you did warn us. Love all these cards thank you love June xxxxxxx

  19. Morning Julia, No-one would have ever known !!! this card looks stunning, and all the work gone into it, I love it.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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  21. Glad you enjoyed yesterday - flowers and butterflies are great for hiding little accidents. This card has inspired to have a go with using mica powder and adhesive sheets - have not got the die you used, but there must be something in my vast Spellbinders collection - watch this space!

  22. Hi Julia,
    What a beautiful card, it's good to know that you worked with the accident and came out with a lovely card. I love the colour combination. I watched yesterday and just missed out on the Love and Dream set. Still it was good to see all the great techniques and laugh along with you and Dean. It's great that you stick up for us petite people!! Thanks,
    Heather Treble

  23. Hello Julia, what a superb card, love the bold colours, very striking, and if this is what you make out of having an accident then, I wish I could do the same. Love the look of the projects for the workshops. Have a great day. Bx

  24. Hello Julia and all

    Lovely card. I was impressed when you did this demo yesterday, it is great to have the technique written down for when I forget the how to, lol I love your colour combination. Had I seen the card without the explanation I would have just thought the finishing touches where a bit much for my taste. Thanks for sharing and especially about the mishap.

    It would be lovely if after the workshop you could share the how to for the pink card or does that become a workshop secret, lol.

    Best wishes.

  25. Hi Julia, I feel for you, it is awful when the end is near and catastrophe strikes. You are such an honest person in telling us about the copy paper, and I applaud the fact you didn't bin it, as I have done many times.
    Really looking forward to your demo on 28th. X Ros

  26. Hi Julia,
    Nice cards, like your mishap because it turned into a very nice card !
    Have a nice day,
    Maria x

  27. Lovely card Julia, nice to know things go wrong for you too sometimes. Thoroughly enjoyed your show yesterday, you and Dean seemed to be having a great time, and yes I did manage to get the dies I wanted; so thanks for the heads up on that. Looking forward to seeing you on my screen again soon. I can't make it to your workshops yet. Take care. Thank you.

  28. Hi Julia

    It was lovely to watch you yesterday, lovely dies but a lack of pocket money this week lol.

    Fabulous card, love the linked circle design- a little version of Sues striplet! So I love this card. Will try the technique with other dies. I've had many moments like your copier paper one, I'm forever adding bows, flowers, butterflies etc to hide my messes!

    Great idea for a workshop, sure it'll be a big success with attendee's heads spinning with all the ideas and techniques!


    T x

  29. Hi Julia, love the show yesterday, the card is lovely? Take Care Melody xx

  30. Hi Julia
    Well I was very cross as by recorder didn't rcord your show, so I'll have to watch it on catch up.
    This card is stunning, and it's good that you said you had a disaster with the sticky sheet. However, I love the way you got over it, and for you to share how you did this with us.

  31. Loved this technique when I saw you demo it Julia. The gulda flower is absolutely gorgeous but I missed out on it because I couldn't watch the show live. Stunning card, your talent is just amazing. Pat x

  32. Hi Julia, mistake or no mistake, I wish I was as talented. Bye for now Susan Dunn (Cumbria)

  33. Hi Julia
    Fab show and fab cards love the teal and purple.
    crafty hugs

  34. Hi Julia,
    What a fab card just love those colours together, no one would know you had a disaster moment, and I just love the flower from the gulda set.
    Love Janet x
    from Wakefield


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