Tuesday 6 May 2014

Spellbinders Tool n One Now in Stock

Hi Bloggers.

The Tool n One is now in stock here. I was really dubious about this but I tried it last week and it really works! I love Sue's Faux Quilled Leaves die but it is a pain to prick all the bits out each time - this tool does it for you, and quickly too. Highly recommended.

You'll find a YouTube demo here.

All for now.



  1. Hi Julia,
    Just ordered it! Had read about and thought it would be a godsend if it worked! Thanks for test driving it! Looking forward to it coming as agree about leaves and faux flowers little bits left behind in the die.
    Thanks, love Myra

  2. I wondered what this was for. I think I need to get one. Love Jackie

  3. Great idea Can we see it demo'ed?

    1. There's a YouTube demo here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uIN8AZwbE0

  4. I have seen it advertised but wondered whether it was useful tool or 'buy it use it once and found it is too much faff tool. So I am skeptical. Will watch the utube. Thanks for test driving Julia.

  5. Hi Julia this looks very interesting going to watch you tube to find out more x

  6. Hi Julia i was dubious about the tool in one but i have bought one it arrived yesterday just to let you know i am very pleased with it and has helped me alot because of arthritic hands it all helps to keep me crafting .
    Thankyou again regards jeanie


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