Sunday 8 April 2012

Disrupted weekend thanks to some theives

Hi Bloggers,

Sorry, no card today. Bit behind today as I spent yesterday late afternoon and evening driving from Milton Keynes to Brecon in Wales and back. My husband and son are having a little holiday down there and were having a great time. They had just had a game of squash at Brecon Leisure Centre and when they went to their locker they found that all of their valuables had been stolen - phones, wallets, keys and an ipod touch. You can imagine how they felt.

So, they had no money and they couldn't get into the car. They were able to get a little emergency cash from the bank. The RAC wouldn't come out and help as it wasn't a breakdown - thanks!

It was left to me to drive 3 hours to give them the spare car key and take them some cash and pay for the B&B. I stayed for dinner and then drove back so that the house was manned until we can change the locks.

The hassle this sort of thing causes is enormous - cancelling cards, replacing id cards, driving licences, insurance claims, etc. I doubt very much if the thieves will be caught. Nasty people.

On Friday, my daughter and I had a lovely shopping day in Oxford. But, you know, even this was spoiled by seeing a group of 3 girls in Primark who were deliberately picking clothes of the rails and dropping them on the floor and then running their arms across the t-shirt shelves so that they all fell on the floor. What a horrid thing to do!

These actions really make me sad and concerned for our future society.

Will be back with a card tomorrow - promise!



  1. So sorry to hear your news. Hope your weekend improves Sarah

  2. Blimey Julia, there are some scumbags out there... Sorry to hear the bad news... Hope the Police catch the thieving scum xx

  3. What a nightmare - hopefully you can get it all sorted quickly. I feel the same, I often wonder what our society is coming too as it is spoilt by these mindless idiots. Hugs, Claire x

  4. Hey Julia, sorry to hear the bad news. Live in the belief that what goes around comes around, and as for the girls, they will hopefully learn one day! Bx


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