Thursday 18 July 2013

New Products now available in my Amazon Store

Hi Bloggers.

Some of you may have spotted some of the new products in my Amazon Store. I've been putting off posting about them as it was taking a while to upload the Justrite Christmas Stamps - unfortunately, now it seems that I am not authorised to sell these on Amazon. This happens sometimes but you don't actually know that you can't list them until you try - which is a bit late really as you've already purchased the stock!

So, I have the following Justrite stamps in stock available to purchase by paying via paypal or a postal order - just email me at for payment details. Postage will be charged at £1.50 for 1st item, then 10p extra for each extra item.

I have 4 Festive Poinsettia Clear Stamp Sets at £14.99 each

I have 2 Christmas Inner Thoughts Rubber Stamp Sets available at £19.99 each

I have 6 Grand Christmas Sentiments Rubber Stamp Sets available at £19.99 each

Here are the products that I did manage to load into my Amazon Store (just click on the link to go straight to them) -

Sam's new Newsprint Holly A6 Stamp

Some more of Sam's new backgrounds -
Vintage Tapestry

Vintage Filigree
Vintage Wallpaper
I've also got some Cobalt A4 Card and Cobalt PVA (there's no picture of this at the moment).

I also loaded a few of the Couture Creations New Year Dove Embossing Folder

All for now.

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  1. Poor Julia, it really BUGS me when 'rules' get in the way. What on earth is behind all that?


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