Tuesday 17 June 2014

Shows on Create & Craft today.

Hi Bloggers.

I have shows today on Create & Craft at 10am (with Martyn) and 3pm (with Dean). Hope you can join me.

Today we're launching 9 new colours of Cosmic Shimmer (I should have them in stock in my Amazon Store by the end of the week). They work brilliantly with the latest masks from That Special Touch.

Here, I've mixed Antique Rose and Lavender Mist Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Texture Pastes together on my Craft Sheet and applied them through the Dainty Daisy Mask.

I've prepared some swatches so you can see all the colours and how the colours within the bundles can be mixed together.

From left to right - Antique Rose, Vivid Violet and Lavender Mist.

They look stunning on Black Card. Hopefully, the cameras at the studio will pick up the colours better than my camera.
So, below are mixes of the above colours through the Art Deco Mask. Top left = Antique Rose + Lavender Mist, Top Right = Lavender Mist + Vivid Violet, Bottom Left = Antique Rose + Vivid Violet, Bottom Right = All 3 colours.

From left to right, Rose Copper, Rich Plum and Emerald.

Top Left = Rich Plum + Emerald, Top Right = Rose Copper + Emerald, Bottom Left = Rich Plum + Rose Copper, Bottom Right = All 3 colours
From Left to Right, Berry Red, Penny Copper and Perriwinkle.

 Top Left = Penny Copper + Berry Red, Top Right = Penny Copper + Perriwinkle, Bottom Left = Berry Red + Perriwinkle, Bottom Right = All 3 colours.
As I mentioned yesterday, I have some favourite Justrite stamps back on the show. I raided Sue's room back at CE HQ and have grabbed a load of her samples to show again. Unfortunately, I was unable to find her samples from Butterfly Dreams and Sunflower Vintage Labels Five. So, I've had a hunt through her blog and you can find some cards of those here and here. Please note - the search does pick up some samples which don't use the sets!

Here's another couple of examples of Sparkle Texture Paste mixes -

Rich Plum and Penny Copper with the Bloom Mask

 Perriwinkle and Emerald with the Flower Garden Mask

Emerald and Berry Red with the Bloom Mask

Obviously, there are lots more colour combos especially if you bring in some of the original colours. Also, don't forget you can mix in Dye Ink, Misters, Mica Powder, Shimmer Paint.

In response to the comment on the post yesterday about Amazon Store stock updates - I did post a card as usual yesterday at 6am so scroll back to find it if you missed it.

Hope you can join me later.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Hello Julia, wow these colours are amazing and look great with the new masks. Thank you so much for taking the time to make the swatches. It does help to decide which ones to go for. Hoping to catch the shows today. Bx

  2. Good morning,
    I will be watching you and look forward to seeing you sparkle. Great colors...

  3. Morning Julia, fantastic to see all the colours and masks have set
    to record your shows as I'm in to get my eye op today so will catch
    up with them later looking forward to them.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Morning Julia, lovely new colours and masks. Will be watching the shows later. Love Jean xxx

  5. Morning Julia.
    Thank you very much for making the swatches up they all look lovely. Good luck Nancyd. Take care all Kitty

  6. Morning Julia
    Oh WOW was my first thought when I saw the amazing colours and the masks... Will have to watch on catch up as back to work now. Glad you have two lovely presenters... Martyn and Dean - you never know I might send a crafty email.
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Sheila x

  7. Morning Julia,

    Stunning colours for these pastes and those masks are wonderful too.

    Good luck with the shows today I have set the recorder!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. Oooh how exciting, Julia. The colours are super. Will record your shows to watch tonight. Hope they go well.
    Hugs Annie

  9. Hi Julia. Gorgeous card, It is so pretty : ) I agree with Bridget about the boards, so good to see both black and white ones, it helps me to see them "in use" rather than just in the pot. I love how you have shown them today, the masks are beautiful. Thank you for all of the work that you put into making the boards, bet you enjoyed playing with all of the gorgeous colours though Julia : ) It is still hard to choose but I think it will be the Berry Red, Penny Copper and Perriwinkle bundle first for me. I will be watching the shows and I hope you enjoy yourself : )
    Take care

  10. Wonderful display today, GOR-GE-OUS masks too.Thanks Julia, good luck with the shows.Mabex

  11. Good morning Julia what can I say the colours are amazing and they work so well with the masks. I will be recording your shows it is a shame but I have to work. Have a great time. Love Jackie

  12. Wow Julia, what fabulous colours! Work today, so shows on record Hugs Carole Z X

  13. Morning Julia, What a fabulous Blog post today, we have lots and lots of beautiful creations, the texture pastes are so gorgeous and the colours are 'delicious'.
    Looking forward to seeing your demo's and samples.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Fantastic new colours-the masks show them off really well. I'll be recording your programmes to watch after work.


  15. Hi Julia lots of lovely colours to choose from. Today's' card looks stunning and looking forward to the shows. Thank you for showing everything in black and white card, it really shows the variations you get.x

  16. Fabulous sparkle and love the masks. Got an email to say my frame stamps will be delivered today YAY! Will be watching the shows - I've got some matchsticks if you need them - lol - have fun xxx

  17. Great blog today I agree with everyone else it is so handy to see how the texture sparkle "behaves" on black and white Hooray I can watch the shows coz I'm on holiday (at home!) I watched your prev shows on app last night and couldn't believe how excited you are about the "new" craft! Did I hear you say September for launch? Talk about teasing!

  18. Hi Julia. What beautiful colours. So looking forward to the shows today. Martin and Dean -great.
    Hope they go well.
    Love Val in Spain x

  19. Love the colours Julia masks look new to me look forward to seeing your shows love June xx

  20. So many lovely cards and so many lovely colours and masks.Thank you for all the hard work and samples you have done.Looking forward to your shows today.

  21. Morning Julia,
    Wow! looks like you have been very busy with the sparkles. Hope the shows go well.

  22. Hello Julia, WOW amazing colours and masks, thank you for putting the swatches together. I am out all day and will miss the shows, but will watch online when I get back. Enjoy the shows.
    Take care.
    Hugs June xxx

  23. Hi Julia, Love the colours, will be watching the show. love Jean Z xx

  24. Morning Julia
    Just love these masks and the textures and colours are great
    Thank you for showing us all the colours - I shall be watching later
    Carol x

  25. There must be simply hundreds of colour combos with these pastes Julia. Love the Emerald and Periwinkle mix, a gorgeous result. Looking forward to your shows. Pat x

  26. The colours are great. Love the swatches.

  27. Hi Julia,
    Missed the Show AGAIN. Gas fitter called to discuss moving a radiator just as I was settling down! Typical. Today's posts are gorgeous Julia. Thanks so much for the details and the lovely clear photos! You're a star! Don't know whether to wait until I've seen the Show or order now.
    Thanks so much,
    Love Myra

  28. Managed to watch show this morning before engineer called to sort out computer. Will record pm show and watch later. Just love the paste and how you have mixed the colours. Difficult to choose what colours to start with. Helen

  29. I really must get some of these pastes, as I think they would look lovely on Christmas cards.
    I am now going to watch your shows from C&C today
    Hugs to all
    Michelle xxxx

  30. Hi Julia, great shows on C & C you really seemed to enjoy yourself, not too sure about trying these pastes with my little Grandson aged 7 around, but he does like making cards even though he says using the G C is hard work!
    Margaret corgi owner

  31. Hi Julai
    Wow wow wow such beautiful masks and such beautiful colours on the pastes. All the cards you have made are absolutely stunning.

  32. Hi Julia, watched both shows and really enjoyed them, I'm just started to build a collection of Just Right stamps and dies, I think they do some great sets. Thanks for the demo on how to stamp the big background stamps, I've got one and wasn't very successful when I tried to stamp it but will have another go now.

  33. Really enjoyed both of todays shows Julia. Love the colours of that texture past -just wish I could afford it!! Do you know if it is possible to add some sort of colour to the diamond one to get different colours?
    The cards today were all lovely.
    Janet in Kent

  34. Stunning cards, love the bling in the texture paste.x

  35. Loved the shows on Create and Craft, Julia, and did write in - to ask a question - but my email never got read out, so now I've found your blog I'm going to ask here:

    What masking tape do you use?

    The tape I use pulls bits off the card - even though I've dragged it over or stuck it several times it on my tops, (and even stuck it to my cheeks in the hopes of it picking up a little oil from the skin and so making it less sticky) - but it stays sticky enough to sometimes completely destroy something I'm making so I have to start all over again. (This particularly happens when I'm using my die cutting machine).

    But ... I've noticed that your tape comes away cleanly and easily - so I'm hoping that you'll be able to help with the problem

    Brilliant show yesterday by the way!


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