Thursday 13 June 2013

Shows this afternoon

Hi Bloggers.

Sorry to report that this afternoon's shows have been cancelled. Apologies to anyone who has set their recorder and find they see some else!

All for now.



  1. Hi Julia I'm gutted to hear your shows have been cancelled has all the stock gone or is it c&c being a pain? I was looking forward to watching your demoed!! Love Lesley x

  2. Ah that's a shame why? You have traveled all that way just for one show! Was so looking forward to seeing your show later now they have put another repeat of spellbinders in your place, Did you sell out of stock? what on earth are they playing at?

    Never mind Julia. I notice that there is a show on Sunday evening at 7pm or is that a repeat of this mornings show?

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Oh no Julia, wasn't able to watch the full hour this morning - (dentist visit !!)and now that the numbness has gone was looking forward to this afternoon's shows. What's the matter with C/C - more boring repeats instead !!

  4. Hi Julia sorry your shows were cancelled. Did everything sell out? I do have a recording of the early show. Thanks for posting this as I was confused. Jackie

  5. Hi Julia , I am gutted that your show gas been cancelled, why?????
    Was all set to record too! Did you have a sell out show this morning?
    Sandra xx

  6. Hi Julia as I wasn't able to watch this mornings show, I was really looking forward to the pm shows. What a shame for you and us. Why was it cancelled please tell us ?

  7. Was really looking forward to it, more spellbinders, debbi moore and other boring shows!!!!!!!
    Love all your demos and the fab creative expression goodies, a match made in heaven. So annoyed!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sorry, I wasn't given a reason for the cancellations and no, we did not sell out in the 8am show. Julia.

  9. Julia that just not on getting you to travel down for 2 shows then changing it to 3 which I'm sure you juggled around your time to accommodate and then cancelling the last 2 shows! What are C&C playing at?

    I shall be writing to C&C and expressing my disappointment at this as it just not on.
    Hope you are ok
    Just sorry to have missed the morning show but hope its on reapeat later.

    All the best Pauline x

  10. Luckily I caught the early show today but was disappointed & surprised not to see you again this afternoon. Although I love spellbinders they are much more interesting when they are demonstrated with the demos.

  11. Hi Julia, What a shame, saw this mornings show and it was brilliant, as always, I hope they didn't cancel at the last minute !! for you.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  12. I too was gutted that the shows had been cancelled. I was able to watch your morning show and I do so love all your demos. I am sick of C&C cancelling shows - they need to get their act together. Hope you see you back very soon

  13. oh what a shame Julia - I was looking forward to seeing them and I was recording them too - at least I will be able to catch up on your morning show xx

  14. Hi Julie,
    Glad I managed to watch your morning show. Love your demo's you explain everything so clearly. Really disappointed for you. Hope you are back soon. At least we have your blog to look at.
    Love Jan. xx

  15. Hi Julia, how disappointing that the shows where cancelled. I was working this morning and was looking forward to watching the afternoon show. You can only wonder what on earth C&C was doing putting spellbinders on with just clips of film. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

  16. Hi Julia, saw you in the am show, dissappointed both pm shows were cancelled.
    Stiil all being well see you on Sunday.
    X Ros Hodgkins


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