Saturday 9 January 2016

Wishing You a Happy Day

Hi Bloggers.

Today is the day of my Big Sale & Demo Day at Yardley Gobion (near Milton Keynes). I'm joined by John Lockwood so it should be a fun day. I won't be doing as much travelling this year as I did last year so you won't get to see me demo 'in the flesh' so to speak, as much. Not sure how much I'll get to demo today as my cough is still very irritating but we'll see!

I have decided to temporarily close my website for today and maybe tomorrow morning so that I can update stock levels without having to disappoint anyone if I have sold out of anything during today. It seems the best approach as I have no idea how busy we will be. I will try my best to get all the updates done this evening but if I don't manage it then I'll have to do some in the morning.

Doors open at 10am today. 20% off everything I have with me except for £1 items and fixed priced items which are already heavily discounted. Be prepared to have a good old rummage!There'll be a spot prize every hour and tea and coffee are self serve in the kitchen. My son, Nathan, is supposed to be helping but as always with Nathan, it's not a dead cert. Be gentle with him if he is there as it's not really his thing! Tracey will be there though for definate - my usual trusty helper. Hope to see some of you later!

Be sure to read right to the end of today's post as I have some exciting news to share!

On to today's card - a bit of an experiment. I wanted to base this card on the one in this post and use the stamp in a different way. I've kept the colour scheme the same so there's a direct comparison to the original. I know many of you will prefer the original card but hopefully this will make you think about using some of the stamps to die for in a slightly different way?

I stamped the Dragonfly Mini Striplet onto Coconut White Card using Jet Black Archival. I coloured it in using Distress Markers - Abandonned Coral, Carved Pumpkin and Cracked Pistachio using a waterbrush. Using the smallest die in Sue Wilson's Double Pierced Squares Set B Die Set, I cut 3 squares out of the image, just moving down slightly for each one and inking through the die with Pretty in Pink Colour Cloud using a Small Smoothie. I cut 3 squares out of Baby Pink Card using the smallest die in Sue's Double Pieced Squares Die Set.

I stamped the sentiment from John Lockwood's Pierced Flag Sentiments Stamp Set using Jet Black Archival. I cut it out using Sue's Pierced Flags Die Set and cut a larger die from the set out of Baby Pink Card.

I made a flower out of Felt using the largest die in Sue's Diagonal Foldover Flower Die Set. I cut a pair of leaves out of Baby Pink Card using Sue's Laurel Leaves and inked through the die with Pretty in Pink Colour Cloud.

For the background, I embossed a piece of Coconut White Card with the Creative Expressions Wild Roses Embossing Folder.

I assembled the card as shown adding some White Pearl Corners and piercing around the edges using my Tim Holtz Ruler, Precision Probe and Piercing Mat.

Ok, how many of you skipped the card to read my news? Bet a lot of you did! So, we've been planning this for a while now but I can finally share it with you - Creative Expressions are taking over Hochanda for a whole weekend! I know! How cool is that? There will be presenters and floor crew there, of course, we couldn't do it all but all of the shows will feature Creative Expressions products at some great sale prices. Unfortunately, Sue is in the States so she won't be taking part but Phill, John, Lisa and myself will be sharing all the live hours from 8pm Friday January 15th till last chance at 7pm Sunday January 17th. The boys are doing the One Day Specials, Lisa is doing MDF and I have a set of Spellbinders shows and a set of Justrite shows. ODS hours will be the same as usual. As I type this, I don't know what my hours will be. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

There's no Deal of the Day today as my website is closed today.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Morning Julia.
    Thank you the card is so pretty and different.
    So looking forward to next weekend.
    Julia I see by the program list on Create and craft, there is no Spellbinders show from the CHA,? Just wondering. Thank you Take care and have fun today Kitty.

  2. Good morning Julia. Great card showing how you've used the stamp. ( and I did read all through, not skip!)
    You will have a busy weekend at Hochanda but I'm sure it will be fun.
    Anne and I have planned our arrival at Yardley Gobian by 10.00 and are hoping for lots of goodies. Looking forward to seeing you and John and the demos. Hope your cough stands up to it.

  3. Hi Julia. Have a fantastic day today, wish I could be there! Love the card and thanks for the heads up about the Hochanda weekend. I often find that they don't really give accurate info on the Sky+ planner and I end up missing things so I'll be organised for next weekend. Sue X

  4. Have fun today Great news re the Hochanda week end I'll definitely be tuning in I love today's card except on my screen the baby pink seems out of place I expect in the flesh" it looks totally different

  5. Hi Julia, I love this pretty card today, the stamping is lovely. Hope everything goes well today, including your demoing with a cough. Wish I could make it, unfortunately have other priorities to attend to. Looking forward to the CE weekend, bet there will be some great bargains. Have a fab day. Bx

  6. Cant wait for the HOchanda weekend but I am in UK so may not catch it all. Wonderful card with Johns stamp too, xxx

  7. Hi Julia,
    I'm Really Sorry To Hear You've Got Your Cough Its Really Taking Some Time To Go!!!! I Didn't Skip Your Card To Get To "The Tremendous News" I Went Looking For Your Beautiful Card.
    "I Love Today's Card I Love The Wild Roses Embossing Folder That You Used, I Love The Stamp That You've Used, I'm Not Normally A Pink Person But As Its Mainly Matted And Layered With The Coconut White Card It Looks Just Great, I Love How You Then Split The Stamp Into Three Sections And Matted And Layered I Must Try This Out Today!!!!!
    I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day Today With John And I'm Sure You'll Sell Lots Of Products.
    Now To "The Tremendous News" A Whole Weekend With The Truly Terrific Creative Expression Team Yourself, John Phill, And Wonderful Lisa.
    I'm Extremley Biased But Your All Just The Very Best Sharing All Your Wonderful Tips And Techniques With Us, The Great Thing Is With Hochanda Is They Let Us See The Fantastic Demo's, That You Bring To Us.
    I Really Can't Wait, I'm Just Sorry Sue Isn't There, I'm Sorry To Hear You'll Not Be Travelling As Much This Year Does That Mean We Get To See More Of You On Hochanda I Really Do Hope So!!!! As I Truly Love Your Demo's
    Thank You For Sharing Your Stunning Card
    I'm So Looking Forward To The Hochanda Shows.
    Love And Hugs
    From Sam Take Care xxx
    Carry On Creating ✂️✂️✂️

  8. Good morning Julia today's card is gorgeous. I hope the sale goes well today and you sell lots of stuff I would have loved to have been there. Taking over Hochanda for the weekend sounds amazing. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  9. Morning Julia I did skip a little . Love your card .Cant wait to see your shows on Hochanda You all make excellent teachers. Have a fab day but take it easy. Gloria (Sidcup) xx

  10. Lovely card, very pretty. Great news about CE taking over Hochanda next weekend-I'll be recording lots of shows!


  11. Morning Julia, wow that is great news about Hochanda CE weekend, will be looking forward to that.

    I am loving the card,

    I also hope you feel a bit better, and that you have lots of cough drops with you today.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  12. Morning Julia, its a very pretty card today, wow that will be a spectacular weekend to watch.
    Hope you feel better soon xx

  13. A great card, Julia. Hope you manage okay today - really looking forward to it.

    Anne (Northampton)

  14. Morning Julia,
    Firstly I hope you day goes well, and your cough is not too much of a hindrance.
    Wow! a whole weekend of Creative Expression, how exciting.
    Now to your card I do like the way you have you have cut the image into three.

  15. Morning Julia, a fabulous card love the way you cut the stamp a different way.
    Hope you manage alright today and your cough doesn't hinder you too much.
    Can't believe you picked this weekend to take over Hochanda when I am in Tenerife will manage to watch some of the shows on my iPad but won't be able to record any very frustrating hope it goes well for you all.
    Nancyd xx

  16. Morning Julia I read everything before I got to you brill news you know us so well.
    I love the card it's different but beautiful. About this cough a small glad of warm water two teaspoons of buttercup cough syrup sip it I know it will help. Have a good day love June xxx

  17. Hi Julia
    I love both versions of the card, thanks for reminding us that there is more than one way to do it.
    Good luck with today, I know you'll have a great time with John and I hope your cough behaves.
    Fantastic news about the Hochanda weekend, I look forward to overloading the recorder.
    B xx

  18. Morning First I hope you have a great day today. Love the card and thinking EACH square could become part of a whole card by itself?

    Fantastic news will look forward to a long weekend of shows.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  19. Hi Julia
    A very pretty card ,have a great weekend .
    Elaine H X

  20. Hi Julia,
    A really pretty card, I love the way you have cut the stamped image into three, looking forward to seeing you all on Hochanda and hope today goes well for you and John.
    Thanks for all the great inspiration,

  21. I like this version and great news about the hochanda weekend

  22. Lovely card Julia, as usual.
    Exciting news about your Hochanda weekend - hope to be able to record at least some of it.
    Hope your day goes well and you will soon be back to full strength.

  23. I for one did look at the card first! And a lovely one it is too. I like the design; a different way of using a stamp and it worked.

    A Hochanda weekend eh. Don't think my box has enough recording space for the lot!!!


  24. Hi Julia
    Beautiful card & I definitely love the way you have divided the stamped image into 3 sections which looks amazing & gives us inspiration to be more creative & try something different with our designs.
    Pretty soft pink & white which looks clean & fresh & I would be proud to receive a stunning card like yours.
    Good luck with your sale day & bet there will be lots of fun & laughter...

    Crafty Hugs
    Haze T xx (Norwich)

  25. Hi Julia Beautiful card love this idea but going back to read how again .
    So pleased about the shows on tv I will be taking over the box then . Jeanie.e

  26. Hello Julia

    Well I did read the WHOLE blog before I got to the great news!

    I love this card and it looks lovely in pink although I am already planning something similar in my favourite blue colour!

    Will be watching Hochanda next week-end and am looking forward to seeing you all on the shows.

    Lol Barbara W xx

  27. Hello Julia.

    What a great way to use the stamp set. I think it looks great and I really like the size, it would be great for a quick card. Thanks for sharing.

    Great news, a whole weekend of Creative Expressions this is one to look forward to. Thanks.

    I hope your day goes well and you sell out of everything, lol.

    Best wishes

  28. Hi Julia,

    I do like this card. Must rob a few banks next week ready for your shows!!!!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Much love,

    Shirley T.

  29. Lovely card, not my colours but that's fine :) I hope you have a very successful day today and that the cough does not interfere too much.
    Looking forward to next weekend on Hochanda, such a shame Sue won't be there.
    Off to play with all my new crafting goodies.
    Wishing good things to all xxx

  30. Hi Julia, Fabulous news !! and a fabulous card.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  31. What a great way to use the stamp. I love it and will try and give it a go. I hope your day went well and you are feeling more yourself.
    I will set the record button for next weekend what a great weekend it will be (no housework/cooking will get done Lol)

  32. Hi Julia, love the stamp and the colours do mix together. The triple squares do too! Hope you've had a good day today and to be honest, I don't know how you all manage to do the things you do! Wow and an amazing weekend at Hochanda too! I think it's a brilliant show and the presenters are all lovely. Looks like a brilliant weekend of taking the phone of the hook, a couple of flasks, a big blanket and hibernating! No money to spend but I'll have me jotter and a pen at the side for all the hints and tips! Lol! Take care and thank you Julia xx Love Karen xx

  33. I really like this way of showing the stamped image Julia. Beautiful selection of colour too. Well, a whole weekend of CE - that means no housework, no cooking and only online shopping. Woohoo! looking forward to it. Pat x

  34. hi Julia
    Another great card today. I hope you had a lovely day and a productive day as well. I hope your cough wasn't to much of a problem after all.
    Great news that your taking over Hochanda, but a shame you have to have presenters with you. So we'll still have all the silly chatter. Or hopefully you'll just gave the good ones like Alex, who actually don't talk over you all.

  35. Hi Julia, a good day today at Yardley Gobion. Glad you felt better so you could be there with John. You are very good at colouring in :-) Great news about the weekend on Hochanda, will try to watch some and record the others. Hope you got home alright.
    hugs Maria x

  36. Fab card and I really like the stamp cut into three individual sections
    as I think it draws the eye in.
    I love that stamp and your colouring is beautiful especially with the colours you have chosen.


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